During the EMSLIBS conference, we will organize scientific sessions as well as social and networking events. We aim, not only, at providing an exceptional platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge but also at creating new and fostering existing connections and even friendships. For us, EMSLIBS is more than a conference.

Scientific sessions

We are now forming a scientific program divided into individual sessions related to current topics and applications that are of paramount interest of the LIBS community. The interdisciplinary sessions will cover theoretical background and modeling, industrial and biological applications, and new advances in LIBS instrumentation and data processing (using chemometrics).

We will be honored to host key and invited speakers that have the most valuable impact on the LIBS community.

Social events

It is a good custom, to organize social events that serve as hubs for creating and extending new contacts in research. Moreover, we would like to entertain you after the scientific sessions and make your stay in the Czech Republic more pleasant and inspiring as well.

Networking is important for anyone’s research, this will be possible during events such as icebreaker, poster sessions with beer tasting, visit of Mendel museum with wine tasting and gala dinner.

Conference trips

After the conference, we would like to show you more of Brno and its region. We will organize three different conference trips form which anyone can choose according to his desires. To fit various needs of our attendees there will be a half-day guided tour through the historical city center of Brno, a day-trip to Lednice chateau, and a day-trip to Prague.


Vltava in Prague