In order to get a swift start of our symposium, we will organize two workshops on Sunday, September 8th, prior to the scientific program. Each session will reflect up-to-date literature and trends in the field of analytical chemistry and chemometrics. Good practices and advice will be given to help you to master the complexity of LIBS analysis. After the workshops, you are most welcome to the icebreaker party.

  • Duration of each workshop: 90 min
  • Price of one workshop: €50
  • Price of both workshops: €80

Workshop #1: qualitative and quantitative analysis

Presenter: Dr. Bruno Bousquet and Dr. Vincent Motto-Ros
The outline of the first workshop is designed to establish a solid background which should be of a paramount interest for any chemist and spectroscopist.

Topics to tackle:

  • qualitative analysis and line selection
  • signal and standardization
  • signal-to-noise ratio and limits of detection
  • semi-quantitative and quantitative analysis
  • reference analysis
  • quantitative mapping

Workshop #2: multivariate data analysis

Presenter: Josette El Haddad
The second workshop will focus on the multivariate data analysis which becomes an essential part of contemporary scientific work. Moving from linear to non-linear algorithms, the talk will circle around the dimensionality reduction, filtering out noise and omitting redundant information.

Topics to tackle:

  • data pretreatment and dimensionality reduction
  • linear and non-linear algorithms
  • visualization and clustering
  • classification and quantification
  • model robustness and figures of merit